Mental Health & Wellbeing Day Level 2

This is a one day course that will enable delegates to achieve a qualification LEVEL 2 in MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID & the ability to use their new knowledge to help employers create or improve a work place that has the employees wellbeing in mind.


During the session Case Studies will be used to show what different companies have done in this respect.


MHFA LEVEL 2 – Topics covered.

  • What is mental health?
  • What is the difference between a mental health episode, crisis and condition?
  • Factors that affect our mental health
  • The mental health continuum
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Mental Health First Aid Responder
  • Active listening skills
  • How to show empathy
  • How to have a conversation about wellbeing
  • How to give immediate mental health support and where to signpost someone for additional support
  • Recognising stress
  • Anxiety and anxiety disorder
  • Recognising depression
  • Suicide continuum, signs and symptoms
  • How to recognise OCD, PTSD, eating disorders, self-harm, substance abuse and psychosis.

 Who should attend?

This course is for those looking to improve their knowledge of mental health conditions and to learn the skills to support their own and others’ wellbeing in the workplace. Please be aware that this course focuses on employees in the workplace and covers subjects that some people may find distressing, including suicide and self-harm. If a delegate feels overwhelmed, they can leave the course at any time. However, if you feel in advance that this subject may be too distressing for the delegate, please do not book them on without first asking them whether they would feel comfortable attending. If the delegate is unsure whether this topic is suitable for them, please encourage them to contact us to discuss their concerns.


As of 2024

£185pp +VAT

For more information, please call 07956734831 or email

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