Mental Health & Wellbeing Day Level 1

Two separate sessions in the morning and the afternoon will enable delegates to achieve a qualification 
LEVEL 1 in MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID and to discuss the various initiatives that employers can take in order to improve their employees wellbeing.

We also do a Level 2 in Mental Health First Aid – Please click here to read more

During the session Case Studies will be used to show what different companies have done in this respect.


The aim of Mental Health First Aid is to support employees in the workplace who are experiencing mental ill health or distress. This support can vary from having a non-judgmental conversation with a colleague, through to guiding them towards the right support.

The Mental Health First Aid role includes:

• Being able to recognise the early signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health illnesses.
• Having the necessary skills to have a supportive, non-judgmental conversation with those who need it.
• Possessing the knowledge and confidence to guide colleagues to the appropriate professional support if they require it.
• Promoting greater awareness of mental health in the workplace and reducing stigma.


Looking at the eight dimensions of wellness. We will analyse each of the dimensions in turn and as part of the discussion we will look at potential organisational initiatives in each area including:

• Completion of a comprehensive organisational well being questionnaire which will enable you to analyse your current wellbeing provision
• Developing a culture supportive of employee wellbeing.
• Physical wellbeing
• Potential wellbeing aspects of home working
• Well-being policies
• Employees Assistance programmes
• Sickness and rehabilitation
• Role clarity.

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We also do a Level 2 in Mental Health First Aid – Please click here to read more

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