Fire Extinguisher & Fire Marshal course

This course covers the action to take on discovering a fire, how to raise the alarm and the procedures this sets in motion, the action to be take upon hearing the fire alarm, the procedures for alerting members of the public, the arrangements for calling the fire brigade, the location and use of fire fighting equipment, the evacuation procedure for the premises to an assembly point, location of escape routes and general fire precautions and good housekeeping.


  • Fire Safety Legislation – Fire Safety Order, Employee Capability Regulations, Responsible Persons, Fire Statistics.
  • Chemistry of Fire – Combustion process, Fire Triangle, Methods of Fire Spread, Dangers of Smoke, Causes of Fire and Risk Reduction Techniques
  • Safe Selection and Use of Extinguishers – Class of Fire, Identification of Extinguishers, P.A.S.S to operate, when to use.
  • Fire Marshall Duties – General and evacuation roles, discovering a fire, Fire alarm sounds, Sweeping the areas, Checking doors, Assembly area etc..
  • Human Response – Human behaviour, Normative social influence, Factors affecting escaping.

The training also includes Live Fire Extinguisher training.

£125pp (+VAT)
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