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Farming Consultancy

The Health and Safety Executive have announced an increase in farm inspections in 2024. The inspections will focus on the main causes of death and serious injury in the agricultural industry, including falls from height, the equipment used and their maintenance. Ryder Partnership Limited are a Health and Safety Consultancy who offer proactive guidance and…

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Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Although asbestos was BANNED in the UK in 1999, it did not disappear.This means that your employees are at risk of disturbing it. The implications of this can be deadly!(This also applies to construction & renovation projects at home.) If you are an employer you may have a duty to manage asbestos in your building…

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Face Fit Testing and Respirator Checks

Face Fit Testing and Respirator Checks Do you have workers who wear tight fitting respirators (those that rely on a seal with the face) such as Disposable or Half Mask? If so, you are required to fit test them. Health and Safety Executive requires qualitative or quantitative fit testing before a user wears a tight fitting…

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Portable Appliance Testing

Ryder Partnership Ltd is now pleased to be able to offer a Portable Appliance Testing service (PAT Testing). The frequency of PAT Testing is determined by the assessment of the risk. Many organisations have it carried out annually, in harsh environments such as construction sites there may be a requirement to have equipment tested every…

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Risk Assessment

Ryder Partnership has wide experience in conducting risk assessments for a variety of organisations in various sectors. Ryder Partnership is therefore able to offer on site risk assessment within your organisation. On completion of the project you will be provided with a comprehensive set of risk assessments as well as recommendations for improvements and an action plan. Risk…

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Fire Safety Assessment

A new company, a joint venture between the Ryder Partnership and MAG Fire, we can offer cost effective fire extinguisher installation and servicing.Our staff have many years fire safety experience and our extinguisher installation engineers are FETA qualified. The organisation is CHAS registered, confirming our commitment to high standards of health and safety. We can…

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Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Workplace Noise In April 2006, the Control of Noise at Work Regulations came into force and the following limits for personal exposure to noise at work were implemented:  Lower Exposure Action Value: a daily or weekly personal noise exposure of 80 dB(A) and a peak pressure level of 135 dB(C) At this level employers are…

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Manual Handling and Ergonomics

Ryder Partnership is able to offer a comprehensive service in respect of Manual Handling and Ergonomics. We are members of the Ergonomics Society and all Ergonomic project work is undertaken by Graduate Ergonomists from the Renowned Loughborough School of Human Sciences. We are able to help clients who require detailed ergonomic assesments of activities ranging from…

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Human Resources

Bespoke Contracts of Employment and Policies and Procedures You may just want us to review your documents and update them annually, or you may not have these in place and want to ensure you are adhering to legislation. While a lot of companies can provide you with with an “off the shelf” contract of employment…

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